INDIANAPOLIS – At 6-4 and 315 pounds, nothing seems to frighten Colts defensive end Cory Redding.

One of the most vocal leaders on the Colts, Redding admitted on Tuesday afternoon that he had a double take when he first saw new safety LaRon Landry inside the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center.

“Heck, I was a little scared when I saw (Landry),” Redding said. “A presence like him in the backfield intimidates receivers and you want that kind of mentality on your defense. He fits right in with what we’re doing. He fits right in with our attitude. He’s going to be a nice player for us.”

A few hours later Colts receivers were introduced to what Landry looks like on the gridiron, and if Tuesday’s session was any indication than No. 30 will be packing a lethal punch come September.

“You better be scared to come across with that big old guy coming at you,” Redding said of Landry. “He’s that missing piece that we need on our defense to get where we want to be.”

Landry flew around the practice field on Tuesday afternoon and Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was pleased with the safety’s knowledge of the playbook.

Physically, there were not too many worries with Landry but his mental preparation was evident during the team’s first minicamp practice.

“One thing we knew about LaRon was he was going to be in shape. His arms are bigger than anybody on the planet. He looks like the Incredible Hulk,” Pagano said.

“So as far as stepping in and almost making what we would call a ‘seamless transition,’ for not being around here, it was outstanding for the first day. He got in here early, got in that playbook. You could tell he had been studying his stuff away from here. So he had a great first day, a great start for him.”

Pagano’s post practice media session began with the head coach first addressing his newest Colt.

Ahmad Bradshaw joins the Colts backfield after six seasons with the New York Giants and two of the last three coming in the form of 1,000-yard seasons.

The NFL is continuing to evolve into the need for multiple backs and Bradshaw relishes that role in Indianapolis.

“We just see a huge opportunity for me to come and help Vick (Ballard) and those guys out,” Bradshaw said. “I feel this offense is young and they need a spark and I feel like I can be that spark that they can use.”

Super Bowl experience runs thin on the Colts roster but the addition of Bradshaw brings a pair of rings inside a locker room that wants to see 53 more of those come 2014.

“His resume speaks for itself and having the rings coming with it is only going to help,” Pagano said of Bradshaw.

“He’s another horseshoe guy. Get us one step closer to hoisting that trophy.”

Redding has been heard on numerous occasions talking about the ultimate goal and the offseason noise has only fortified that notion.

A pair of veterans have joined that journey and not much needs to be said in order for Bradshaw and Landry to gather what the Colts are all about.

“They can see it. They can see it in our work ethic. They see it in our attitude in the meeting rooms,” Redding said.

“They feel the energy in the locker room and they sense that from the coaches. I believe everyone kind of knows what’s going on here and wants to be a part of it.”

Credit for this article is due to Kevin Bowen

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